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Office Goals: ActiveCampaign

Office Goals: ActiveCampaign

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ActiveCampaign Office

Marketing software company ActiveCampaign needed a new employee-centric office with flexible open workspace, social meeting areas and quiet work rooms to give employees options for how and where they work. 

ActiveCampaign aimed to avoid the monotony of a large corporate office, so it sought a new headquarters in a 52,000-square-foot office in the 100-year-old One North Dearborn building in Chicago. Original crown molding and large windows hint at the history of the building while new elements combine rustic, industrial materials with references to ActiveCampaign’s fantasy and sci-fi-loving nerd culture (such as conference rooms, named by ActiveCampaign employees after fictitious locations including Gotham, Gondor and Winterfell). In the aptly named “Knowhere” room, one bookshelf doubles as a revolving door, hiding a speakeasy-style lounge for happy-hour strategy sessions. 


Interiors: Eastlake Studios