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Marketing Problem One: Effectively Targeting High-Value Sources of Growth

Marketing Problem One: Effectively Targeting High-Value Sources of Growth

American Marketing Association

Seven problems. Seven experts. Hear what they have to say about Problem One: Effectively Targeting High-value Sources of Growth

With all the fascination with new marketing concepts, digital technologies and new tactics, there continues to be one foundational issue that is proven and reproven to have a disproportionate impact on the value you create for your business: identifying the highest value source or sources of growth for your brand, product or service. Choosing the wrong target, or one of less value, will certainly lower your growth and return-on-investment potential. It might even fail completely. Traditionally we called this market segmentation but lately many of the most successful marketers refer to it as “demand landscape mapping.”

There are two critical questions to understand about this subject: Why is this so critical, and how can I do it much better?

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