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Marketing Higher Education Requires Continuous Education

Sarah Steimer

Ologie’s Bill Faust celebrates the purpose-driven nature of collegiate marketing

Marketing News spoke with Bill Faust, senior partner and chief strategy officer at Ologie, who has watched a growing sense of urgency emerge in higher education as colleges continue to embrace branding and marketing. ​

Faust and Ologie don’t work exclusively on higher education. They find their work with other industries helps strengthen their collegiate marketing. “Higher ed can be somewhat insular, so we make sure we are looking elsewhere for inspiration and in fact maintain a healthy percentage of our business with clients outside of higher ed for the same reason,” he says.

Q: You didn’t always work in higher-education marketing. What drew you to the field?


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Sarah Steimer is a staff writer for the AMA's magazines and e-newsletters. She may be reached at ssteimer@ama.org or on Twitter at @sarah_steimer.