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How Marketers Ease Brexit Isolationist Transitions

How Marketers Ease Brexit Isolationist Transitions

Michael Czinkota

The globe continues to shift under the likes of Brexit and other isolationist efforts, but marketers should prepare themselves to ease the thorny transitions.

These are tough times for international marketers. 

There is the ubiquitous and growing occurrence of terrorism, which brings fear to airports, train stations, entertainment venues and many other places. There is strong political volatility where the battle is not only about political savoir faire, but is driven by individuals. Just think of the new governor of Tokyo, a woman elected against “official” guidance in a male-dominated country.

There is growing wealth concentration for a few, and low income for many. We have witnessed the breakup of long-term coalitions thought to be stable, such as in Libya, Iraq, Indonesia and South Sudan. In Europe alone we have witnessed massive migration flows from the Middle East, which have led to global disharmony. We have seen the referendum in Scotland to tear asunder the United Kingdom. And now there is British exit (Brexit) from the European Union (EU) due to a plebiscite.


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Michael R. Czinkota researches international marketing issues at Georgetown University. He served in trade policy positions in the George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan administrations. His International Marketing text is now in its 10th edition.