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Is Timing Everything? How Daniel Pink’s New Book Can Help Marketers With ‘When’ Decisions

Michael Krauss

Daniel Pink’s When can help marketers make better decisions and leave less to chance​

Daniel Pink, the best-selling author of To Sell is Human and Drive, has a new thought-provoker, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.​

When is a must-read for marketers, especially if you are keen to optimize your career prospects, improve your leadership skills, understand consumer behavior or plan a successful campaign. 

As Pink says in his book, “All of us confront a never-ending stream of ‘when’ decisions. When to change jobs? When to schedule a class? When to get serious about a person or a project? Yet we make those decisions haphazardly—based on intuition, hunches and guesswork.”


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Michael Krauss is president of Market Strategy Group based in Chicago.