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How to Survive as a Marketing Team of One

How to Survive as a Marketing Team of One

Christine Birkner

FlyingSolo Article

​​How to survive—and thrive—as a marketing team of one

If you’re your company’s only marketer, advancing and achieving your marketing goals can seem like an uphill climb, but it doesn’t have to be, experts say. Here’s some advice for succeeding as a marketing team of one. 

1. Prioritize 

Think about the goals of your business and how marketing can support those goals, says Andrew Caravella, vice president of marketing at Chicago-based Sprout Social, a social media and marketing consultancy that works with small businesses. “Understand your bandwidth as one individual and where your priorities lie, and make those priorities known.”

Think about your business’ priorities and work toward them, says Bill Flitter, CEO of, a Portland, Ore.-based social media content distribution platform, who has blogged about time management tips for solo marketing teams. “Whether it’s sales, leads or traffic, figure out your objectives for the short, mid and long term, and how to reach those goals. Each day, determine the most important thing you can do in 15 minutes, a half hour or an hour.”


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Christine Birkner is a freelance writer in Chicago.