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How to Measure Consumer Behavior in 2016

Marketing News Staff

By now, Big Data is a term uttered with frequency by tech execs and marketing creatives alike. And while data has long been a fixture in the marketing tool belt—rife with consumer insights and details into the purchasing journey—precision now trumps information overload when it comes to gathering consumer data, says Heather Read, director of social as a service at New York-based data technology platform Sprinklr.

Sprinklr has emerged as a fast-growing partner to brands like Samsung, Microsoft and Virgin America looking to wrangle social data from many platforms to a single command center. Read says that marketers are taking a more intentional approach to data-gathering this year, refining the way they track traditional metrics to determine the success of their brands and the satisfaction of their customers. Here, Read shares her outlook for the new and constantly evolving ways that marketers will use data and analytics in 2016.


Q: Social media and other platforms that allow customers to interact with a brand provide great opportunity for listening and responding. What changes in social data-gathering and analysis do you see for 2016, and how will they impact the way brands are tailoring customer experiences?


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