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Genetically Modified Marketing

Zach Brooke

It was the late 1990’s, and Greenspan’s 16-year-old company, Industrial Photographic Supply, had just been sold. He was mired in an idle period between gigs when, one afternoon, his wife came home with a car full of groceries.   

“I opened up the cupboard, and it was a mess,” he says. “The whole-peeled tomatoes were on the top shelf. Spaghetti sauce was on the next shelf. You couldn’t even find the tomato paste, and tomato sauce was on a different shelf yet. I asked my wife, ‘Would you mind if I reorganized your cupboard?’”


Big mistake.


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Zach Brooke is a former AMA staff writer turned freelance journalist. His work has been featured in Chicago magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, A.V. Club and VICE, among others. Follow him on Twitter @Zach_Brooke.