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A Guide to Working From Home

A Guide to Working From Home

Marketing News Staff

A Guide to Working From Home

We pulled together some of the best tips from around the web on working from home. We’ll update this list regularly, so be sure to check back.

March 31

Simplify Project Management

Marketers notoriously work across multiple departments and manage multiple projects of which the deadlines rarely align. Minimize the chance that a task might slipping through the cracks by limiting yourself to a single piece of project management software. Colleagues will have a clear idea of where to add jobs as they arise and you’ll shorten the amount of planning time required. This is particularly relevant these days, as distractions are everywhere. Try a few before deciding on one, then stick to it.

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Pay Special Attention to the Deciders

Because marketers can no longer turn their head and speak to internal stakeholders, it’s imperative that everyone both know how to reach other team members and fully understand who is responsible for making which decisions. Reinforce the organizational chart if you need to so everyone is aware of whose approval they’re waiting for; the last thing anyone wants during COVID-19 is yet another obstacle for getting work done. It may also be worth scheduling short, five or ten minute meetings with deciders, running down a list of what requires their oversight. Communicate with them far more often than normal.

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Remove Unnecessary Clutter—Or Hide It

Effective work-from-home employees already have to contend with the myriad distractions they have lying around the house—take steps so that other employees don’t fall victim, either. Be sure everything behind your designated work space is organized and minimal, so as to avoid pulling focus from what you are saying during meetings. Too much visual noise also opens the possibility that meetings will get off track with conversations about your knick-knacks. Some chat software includes the option to utilize a virtual background as another way to mask your home from others.

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Just Digital’s Guide to Working From Home

New to working from home? This guide has you covered for some best practices to get you started.

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March 18

Set Mental and Physical Divides Between Work and Home

Going without a commute frees up time for work, but can also muddle the boundary between when work ends and home life begins. Simulate the morning routine by waking up early, showering and putting on work clothes. Designate a space for work, whether it’s at a desk or the kitchen table; avoid sitting with your laptop on the bed or couch. When the workday is over and it’s time for dinner, physically put away any work-related supplies and close your laptop, which helps resist the urge to keep working into the night.

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Maintain Diligent Cybersecurity

Work laptops are lifelines when full offices are being asked to work from home, so keep them in pristine working condition. One of the easiest ways to compromise a laptop is by downloading faulty third-party software, so pay close attention to your company’s emails and only install recommended programs for conference calls and communications—Slack, Skype and others. Speak to the IT department about setting up a VPN or another secure way to connect to the company’s servers remotely. And keep your data backed up in case of an emergency.

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Guarantee You Have a Solid Internet Connection

The internet is the lifeline through which working from home remains a possibility. It’s hard to know if providers will encounter any issues during this crisis or if increased traffic, especially through streaming, will throttle the connection even further. Be sure to test the hotspot capabilities of your phone to ensure proper access should your personal Wi-Fi connection go down.

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Schedule Face Time, Even If It’s Only Over FaceTime

Recognize the fact that while there are logistical and pragmatic concerns to address while working from home, it’s key to maintain a visual presence with the rest of the marketing team. Schedule a daily or weekly check-in meeting, even if it’s not completely warranted, just to look at coworkers’ faces and get a read on how they are handling their own work-from-home situation. Even the slightest amount of social interaction can energize employees and keep their creativity flowing.

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What—You Don’t Have a Cushy Home Office?

People are sharing photos of their unique home office set-ups and CNN compiled a list of their favorites, which include home bars transformed into desks, ironing boards and baby high chairs.

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Tackling Tech Headaches When Working from Home

Unreliable internet connections, low-quality video calls, quirky software programs and uncomfortable work stations are just a few of the problems you can encounter when transitioning to a work-from-home format. A New York Times writer offered his best fixes after working remotely off and on over the years. Tips include minimizing your tech set-up, collaborating with teammates and avoiding distractions.

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