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8 Tips to Curate Data for Deeper Insights and Better Decision-Making

David Krajicek

There is no dearth of data for marketers to draw conclusions from, but building insights that drive smart decisions is a more nuanced and valuable skill.

My college career was a whirlwind of physics and psychology classes, but I vividly recall the one art history seminar I audited my sophomore year. The instructor made an observation that has stuck with me to this day: “Collecting is the easy part. Curating—now that is the hard part.”

I am struck by how prescient this observation was—a continuing truism in the world of art, for sure, but also an emerging insight into today’s changing business and marketing environment.

When we think about a curator, we typically imagine someone who can bring together paintings, sculpture and artifacts to convey a unique perspective on an artist, an era or even a social movement. 


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David Krajicek is a member of the GfK management board and chief commercial officer of GfK Consumer Experiences.