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customers attracted to a magnet

5 Lessons in Brand Effectiveness: Attracting Customers Who Connect and Convert

Tiffany Schreane

customers attracted to a magnet

Consumers are loyal and your brand has the potential to reach more of your target when they feel familiarity and a sense of reliability

Consumers are publicly declaring alliances with brands that they have personal connections with and that advocate for similar causes they support. As a result, brands everywhere are implementing brand effectiveness by investing funds in advertising campaigns that target their ideal customer using strategic channels and content. The following are five adoptable lessons in brand effectiveness that have helped brands prove their leadership and awareness of their audience.

1. Know your audience.

My all-time favorite marketing campaign is “Share a Coke.” In 2014, Coca-Cola put popular first names on the front of their bottles, driving engagement and sales. Consumers scrambled to find their names and post the pictures to social media. “Coke has been trying to get on a first-name basis with consumers since launching its ‘Share a Coke’ packaging play,” Ad Age wrote of the campaign. “By stamping first names on packages, Coke is feeding into a thirst for personalization and customization.”

The lesson: Understand your audience precisely. Make your messaging and engagement more personalized so that they feel acquainted with you. This strategy will increase your loyal customer base and sales.

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Tiffany Schreane

Tiffany K. Schreane is a marketing, advertising branding professional with over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 clients globally and domestically. Schreane’s professional background includes media director roles with Publicis Media and Ebiquity. Schreane is a marketing professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Borough Manhattan Community College.