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12 Industry Leaders’ Insights on Advertising in 2016

12 Industry Leaders' Insights on Advertising in 2016

Molly Soat

Agencies will continue to move away from the ‘hard sell’ approach to advertising. Consumers bring an emotional perspective to brand preference, meaning that they buy what they relate to, like and trust.

Advertising will become more and more about content, with a focus on storytelling. Campaigns and messages will be made with a more journalistic approach. That’s our strategy at HZ, and we’ll share it in whatever medium makes sense. Millennials, in particular, love to explore and discover, so our job is to create content and tell brand stories that they’ll connect with and truly like. Social platforms, by the way—like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat—will be considered part of the media mix, alongside traditional TV, print and out-of-home advertising. … Video is becoming increasingly important and powerful because of the ways it can be integrated into social platforms, from 15-second clips on Vine or Facebook to longer pre-roll in digital banner ads.

I also think consumers’ appreciation for design, as a discipline, will grow. That’s because millions of us are acting like amateur creative directors for our own personal brands. For example, when you snap a photo, crop it, choose a filter and post it to your Instagram feed, you’re cultivating a persona or an image to share with the world, so it’s no wonder that good design has become a more significant, more important part of our daily lives. 


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