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Marketing in Higher Education

marketing in higher education
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Future Learning: Higher Ed’s Path Forward

Can colleges across the country make the relevant adjustments?

Thoughts from the Quad: What Higher Ed Marketers Are Managing

We asked attendees of the 2019 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education about four hot topics in their field. 

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What Keeps Higher Ed Marketers Up at Night: Operating in a Silo

When admissions, administrators and marketers work together, colleges and universities can raise revenue, increase enrollment numbers and thrive—despite treacherous financial conditions

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High Priorities in Higher Ed Marketing

Higher education consultant Rachel Reuben breaks down her day-one college marketing agenda.

cartoon professor holding magnifying glass

Winning at Marketing in Higher Education

Three strategies for success that higher education institutions can adopt to better target prospective students.

three college students conversing at a table

Higher Ed Institutions Learning to Socialize

Hootsuite’s Social Campus Report shows social media use at schools is ubiquitous, but many struggle to measure ROI.

Marketing Higher Education Requires Continuous Education

Marketing News spoke with Bill Faust, senior partner and chief strategy officer at Ologie, who has watched a growing sense of urgency emerge in higher education as colleges continue to embrace branding and marketing. ​

College Media’s Peter Pan Syndrome

Being a college media outlet means facing an identity crisis when readership graduates and moves on. Digitization of the media landscape compounds the challenge. What’s a student rag to do, and why should marketers care?

Can Marketing Save Falling University Enrollment Rates?

Experts predict that university enrollment numbers will stagnate. Here’s how marketers are coming to the rescue.

Tackling Higher Education’s Elitist Reputation With Targeted Marketing

U of M is using targeted marketing to assure students that if they work hard, the school will take care of the rest.​

How One College Used Texting to Talk to Recruits

Presbyterian College used a texting platform to communicate with students and saw improved indicators for enrollment.

Licensing Basics for Higher Education

Colleges are turning to license partners to keep branding consistent, legal and on-trend.

scientist stands over foil-wrapped breakfast tacos in lab

How Fake Tacos Highlighted Real University Prowess

An April Fool’s Day video from the University of Texas drew viewers in with an unexpected invention.

Georgetown University Strikes Social Media Gold

Georgetown Strikes Gold By Letting Students Become Snapchat Storytellers

In an effort to appeal to a new class of undergrads, Georgetown University is turning students loose on social media with its Georgetown Stories program.