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Bill Bearden Award Winners

Youngtak Kim of UGA has won the 2020 award with Alicia Johnson (Arkansas) and Lana Waschka (UGA) taking runner up


SportSIG Award Winners

Pascale Quester and Ashley Stadler Blank named winners of 2020 Awards, with Henderson, Mazodier, & Sundar awarded Paper of the Year


CCT Consortium Grants

The Consumer Culture Theory Consortium is offering grants to support research workshops in 2020-2021


BESH Doctoral Research Award

The KU Research Institute for Business and Economics in Service of Humanity announces the winners of its doctoral research awards


MSI Scholars 2020

The Marketing Science Institute invites nominations for this opportunity for mid-career academics; Deadline 29 Mar 2020


Sidney J. Levy Award

Competition for the best Consumer Culture Theory dissertation article from 2019; Deadline 1 Apr 2020


MRSIG Seenu Srinivasan Award

The AMA's Marketing Research SIG is looking for nominations for it's Young Scholar Award in Quantitative Marketing; Deadline 15 Apr