What is DEI?

It is important to begin this course by setting the foundation of what DEI means.

While there are slightly different acronyms, and many tangential terms used in DEI work, the basis of DEI is diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the following video, Misty will walk you through the definitions of all three terms, as well as introduce you to the American Marketing Association’s commitment to DEI.

As society continues to evolve and diversify, we must understand, reflect and elevate marketing’s unique role and responsibility in serving the greater good. At times marketers have contributed to inequities across many communities. The AMA is committed to identifying and addressing those inequities. We are using a lens of race and ethnicity as an initial catalyst to better track, understand, and support the unique experiences and needs of both marketers and those served by marketers. 

Watch the 2-minute video on DEI before moving on to the next section which will break down each component.