Understanding Privilege

When discussing equality and equity, it is important to also consider the role that privilege plays in our experiences.

As Misty discusses in the following video, privilege is more than just money and shows up differently in varying contexts. In the workplace for example privilege often shows up in gender disparities such as the wage gap. After explaining this context, Misty will walk you through an activity where you will be able to identify various privileges you may have. For this activity, all you will need is a single piece of paper. It can be a blank sheet of paper, or one that you aren’t going to need anymore, as long as you are comfortable ripping it up and disposing of it afterward. As nobody is watching, the activity is completed on the honor system but be honest with yourself to best help you understand the role privilege has played in your own life. Recognizing areas of privilege is the first step to being able to reduce or remove them for the audiences you serve.

Watch the video on privilege and complete the activity before moving on to the next lesson.

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