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JPP&M Trainee Reviewer Program

As part of our goal of supporting the next generation of Marketing and Public Policy scholars, the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (JPP&M) offers a Trainee Reviewer program to help coach early-career academics with the peer-review process and introduce emerging scholars to the journal. Specifically, trainees have the opportunity to work with an experienced scholar on a peer review for the Journal.

Program Objective

An important part of our role as academic is to support the double-anonymous review of manuscripts submitted for possible publication in JPP&M. The goal of this program is to develop and refresh the cadre of scholars involved in the marketing and public policy community, as reviewers, authors, and actively engaged community members. We are working to provide mentorship and training to early-career scholars (e.g., doctoral students who have passed their comprehensive exams, post-docs, assistant professors). This invaluable service helps to promote the advancement of new knowledge in our discipline for generations to come.  

How to Get Involved

Becoming a Mentor

There are two ways to become a mentor.

  1. As an ERB member, when you receive a new submission as a reviewer, at the time you agree to review the manuscript, you can recommend a trainee to mentor during this initial submission.
  2. If you are willing to serve as a mentor but do not have a trainee to recommend, you can reach out to the Editors in Chief (EICs) when you receive your review to be matched to a trainee.

Becoming a Trainee

Trainees are early-career scholars (e.g., doctoral students who have passed their comprehensive exams, post-docs, assistant professors) who have not had the opportunity to review for JPP&M. If you would like to be a trainee, we encourage you express your interest in the program to a senior colleague in the marketing and public policy community. For example, you could to reach out to senior colleagues at your institution, or others senior scholars in on the JPP&M editorial review board that you may have met in the marketing and public policy community (e.g., at the annual Marketing and Public Policy conference, during the MPPC Junior Scholar Symposium,).

How the Trainee Reviewer Process Works

Both the reviewer and the trainee will read the submitted manuscript and write their own reviews independently. Reviews by both should be finished by an agreed-upon deadline that precedes the date the review is due back to JPP&M (we recommend at least a week before) so that the mentor can assess the trainee’s review for thoroughness, constructiveness, and clarity. Then, feedback to the trainee should be provided. Both the reviewer and trainee should then submit their separate reviews through JPP&M’s ScholarOne system. The trainee should note that they are a trainee reviewer in the “Comments to Editor” text box when submitting the review through ScholarOne.

To be fair to the authors, the AE and EIC will not take the trainee’s review into account when making their recommendation and decision on the manuscript, respectively, and the authors will not be required to respond to the trainee’s comments. However, the authors will receive the trainee’s review with their decision letter alongside the AE’s recommendation and other reviews.

Please contact with questions.