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How Colleges Can Survive the Pandemic

During his 2019 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education keynote presentation, Brandon Busteed made a major impact without saying a word.

As the President of Kaplan University Partners, he stood silently for nearly two minutes, starting his keynote by flipping through slides showing the significant challenges marketers in higher education are facing. Rising costs, decreased enrollment and overall value proposition issues were all at the center of his presentation.

(You can watch his full keynote presentation below and hear is advice for how higher education professionals can work to overcome these challenges.)

While those challenges haven’t gone away, 2020 has brought in additional stressors that have forced higher ed marketers to pivot in new directions to guide the future of their schools.

We recently talked with Busteed to get his view on how the pandemic has affected these existing hurdles and what the path ahead looks like for higher education.

Brandon Busteed: How Higher Ed Can Survive the Pandemic

The AMA team connected with higher ed expert Brandon Busteed to get insight into how campuses can address issues like declining enrollment, value perceptions and more during the pandemic. Fill out the form below to download this interview.

2020 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

We’re taking the Symposium virtual and creating an experience where you can interact with peers while hearing from some of the top minds in higher education. Marketers are problem solvers. Together we can create a better tomorrow.