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Unlock Student Success With Digital Marketing Program Accreditation

Online | 10:00 -11:00 AM Central

Webinar: Elevate Your Program with AMA & DMI Dual Certification

Join us for an exclusive webinar March 5, 2024 where we unveil the power of how integrating the Digital Marketing Accreditation into your university’s curriculum can elevate your University competitiveness in the market and how your students will benefit from this dual-accreditation.

Discover the Impact:

  • 87% of Universities believe that incorporating the DMIxAMA dual certification enhances the attractiveness of your degree programs, setting you apart in a crowded educational landscape.
  • 89% of students agree that a DMIxAMA dual certification added value to their overall University degree, with 84% agreeing it provides invaluable practical digital marketing experience.
  • 79% of students are confident that the DMIxAMA dual certification significantly boosts their prospects of securing employment or advancing in their careers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your university’s programs and pave the way for student success. Register today and take the first step toward your University’s success.

Unlock Student Success With Digital Marketing Program Accreditation