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This is How You Win: Develop Strengths, Remedy Weaknesses 

Free webinar brought to you by Marketplace Simulations

A comprehensive approach to winning and achieving success is to develop strengths and remedy weaknesses. Developing strengths helps individuals excel in areas where they already have potential, while addressing weaknesses ensures overall performance is not hindered by any shortfalls. This balanced strategy can significantly benefit career development, growth, and income.

A thorough assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses is the first step. Over the past four years, Marketplace Simulations has developed a technique to study learning in situ. By collecting clickstream data on every student engaging with one of our marketing simulations, we can analyze their actions in detail—what they do, when they do it, how long they do it, what other actions are associated with it, and what the outcome was.

From gameplay data, we assess critical thinking, business acumen, inductive and deductive reasoning, learning agility, tenacity, initiative, resilience, and more. Additionally, we identify missed opportunities, struggles, underachievement, and setbacks, among other shortcomings. And we determine how much effort was invested in the exercise. We report performance relative to tens of thousands of other students that have played this Marketplace simulation.

This webinar presents the results of our work and initial plans for implementation. We will also be soliciting feedback for additional methods to incorporate this process into student goal-setting and growth.

Our goal is to enhance learning, academic success, retention, and career readiness of our marketing students.

The session will be available on-demand for 6 months after it airs. The session airs at 12PM CT.

Ernest Cadotte

Emeritus Professor of Innovative Learning, University of Tennessee

Delaina Ruddell

Data Analyst and Assessment Specialist, Marketplace Simulations

Bindu Agrawal

Adjunct Professor, Gurugran University


This is How You Win: Develop Strengths, Remedy Weaknesses