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The Great Resignation: Where Does It Leave Marketers?

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2021 saw an unprecedented amount of employee turnover in the workforce — and marketers were no exception. According to the Harvard Business Review, resignation rates are highest among mid-career employees. So, what can you do to empower your marketing team and create a workplace where people want to stay?

Join AMA, Salesforce, and a panel of experts as we discuss The Great Resignation’s lasting impacts on marketing departments. This relevant and compelling discussion will provide actionable tips and guidance on how you, as a marketing leader, can effectively develop, nurture, and retain your team.


Debbie Cohen

CoFounder and Author at HumanityWorks, LLC

Debbie Cohen is the co-author of Humanity Works Better, How to Lead with Awareness, Choice and the Courage to Change, and is the co-founder of HumanityWorks. Her beliefs about human potential are grounded in decades of work with humans big and small. Debbie’s career began as a teacher and leader of early childhood education programs at Stanford University and the USGS. This era shaped her thinking about how humans grow and evolve, and the role environments play. She moved on, applying these ideas to building strategies with companies seeking to attract and retain key talent through work/life initiatives. This work heightened her awareness of systemic roadblocks and the impact they have on people and productivity. Shifting from consulting to internal work, Debbie began leading work/life for Time Warner just after the infamous AOL/Time Warner merger. She became known for getting groups who did not typically work well together to a place of shared focus and effort. This ignited a bigger shift into executive leadership roles in HR at Time Warner, Razorfish, Mozilla, and First Look LLC. The impact of Debbie’s work was recognized in a case study released by Harvard Business Publishing, People Operations at Mozilla Corporation: Scaling a Peer-to-Peer Global Community, which received the 2013 Berkeley-Haas Case Award for the most important contribution to management education. Most recently, Debbie’s work has been published by HBR, Fast Company and numerous podcasts.


Karen Mangia

VP, Customer and Market Insights, Salesforce

I help customers around the world solve complex, strategic business problems and position themselves for future growth. I have a deep understanding of the customer experience–inside and out–from leading global Voice of the Customer portfolios for Fortune 50 companies and 20+ years of consulting directly with customers across multiple industries and segments.

In my role as VP of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce, I engage with key customer accounts and collaborate to develop innovative strategies to address their key business challenges. I help translate feedback into actions to increase customer retention, growth, and satisfaction.

My passion for customer success began as an account manager at AT&T, where focusing on customers’ goals led to exceptional success. I consistently outperformed production and revenue targets by double and triple digits (up to 522%), growing revenue up to 51% YOY.

At Cisco, I led a diverse sales team of technical and channels professionals to achieve a multi-million dollar impact. I created Cisco’s first Partner Experience Team, a cross-functional global initiative that made it easier and more profitable for partners to work with Cisco. I then led a global Insight Innovation team overseeing Customer Satisfaction & Experience, Diversity Business Practices, and Global Offset & Countertrade.

From internal Salesforce contacts to executives in hundreds of top-tier accounts, I leverage my extensive network to share best practices and inspire customers. In addition to being a hands-on practitioner and industry-recognized Voice of Customer leader, I speak 30 times per year, reaching an annual audience of 15,000-20,000 people.

My love of music and support of education are reflected in my board memberships with the Indianapolis Symphony and Ball State University. I’ve published three books: Listen UP!: How to Tune in to Customers & Turn Down the Noise (Wiley, 2020), Working From Home: Making the New Normal Work For You (Wiley, 2020), and Success With Less: Releasing Obligations & Discovering Joy (Marie St. Press, 2016). I delivered my first TEDx talk in 2019.

Molly Soat

Vice President, Professional Development, American Marketing Association

As the Vice President of Professional Development, Molly oversees a team of production and programming experts that strategize, curate and create experiences to drive employable skills and personal growth for our marketing community. In her eight-year tenure at the AMA, Molly has served in creative and leadership roles for the AMA’s practitioner publication, Marketing News.  Prior to her work at the AMA, Molly was the editor in charge of magazines spanning business and architectural design verticals.


The Great Resignation: Where Does It Leave Marketers?