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The 2023 State of Creative Workflow

Free on demand webinar brought to you by Ziflow

Understand the obstacles that creative teams face in their daily lives.

In collaboration with the AMA, Ziflow conducted a survey to understand how creative teams and marketers actually function within their organizations. Their feedback was surprising, for as much creativity that was uncovered, there was almost an equal amount of chaos.

Watch the on demand recording of The State of Creative Workflow webinar. Led by Adara Bowen, EVP of Growth and Strategy at the American Marketing Association, and Erik Mansur, Head of Product Marketing at Ziflow, they discuss the biggest themes and broadest talking points from the set of industry benchmarks.

This recording covers:
• The admin overload in today’s creative teams
• Managing stakeholders in the creative process
• The business impact of missed deadlines
• Best practices that creative managers can use in their creative process
• And so much more!

Watch the recording below!

Erik Mansur

Head of Product Marketing, Ziflow

Adara Bowen

Executive Vice President, Growth & Strategy, American Marketing Association

Nick Lanspa

Director of Growth, Ziflow


The 2023 State of Creative Workflow