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Solving the Content Crisis: Content Creation & Delivery to Enable Personalized Experiences at Scale

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For most companies, content is the foundation of their marketing strategy and execution. But difficulty in producing the right content at the right time for the right audience quickly becomes a bottleneck and hindrance to success. The Content Crisis revolves around the overwhelming challenge organizations have in meeting the content demands of their multiple channels.
These challenges are found throughout the entire content lifecycle: from planning, ideating, authoring, collaborating & reviewing, curating, managing, personalizing and distributing, to finally measuring its effectiveness.
With volume, expectations, and velocity rising, it is clear that the production of content is not very streamlined or optimized – making scaling to meet greater demand problematic.  You can’t just solve this crisis by working harder: you need a plan, a process, and technology to help you deliver.

Zach Escabedo

Senior Solution Engineer, Sitecore

Zach has been with Sitecore since 2019. He provides technical insight to organizations with goals and pain points related to content strategy, personalization, and digital transformation.


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Solving the Content Crisis: Content Creation & Delivery to Enable Personalized Experiences at Scale