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Mastering ABM Metrics for Maximum Impact

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In today’s highly competitive business landscape, Account-Based Marketing remains a pivotal strategy for organizations aiming to customize their marketing efforts to specific target accounts.  

However, the true power of ABM lies in the ability to accurately assess and measure the effectiveness of ABM initiatives, which requires a deep dive and comprehensive understanding of the most critical metrics.

ZoomInfo’s Kaitlin Sanders, an ABX expert and Go-to-Market strategist with over a decade of digital marketing expertise will shed light on the practical approaches adopted by industry experts to measure the real impact of ABM campaigns.

Kaitlin will delve into key topics including:

  • Redefining ABM Today: What is the current definition of ABM today and its significance in shaping modern marketing strategies?
  • Key Metrics for ABM Success: Identify essential metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of ABM campaigns and how to communicate the impact of ABM initiatives to stakeholders.
  • Future Advancements in ABM: How technology and predictive analytics are revolutionizing how organizations measure the success of ABM campaigns.

This webinar will be available on-demand for six months after it airs. It airs at 12PM CT

Kaitlin Sanders

Senior Customer Delivery Manager, ZoomInfo

Kaitlin is a results-oriented ABM expert, specializing in the implementation of B2B GTM strategic tactics that use technologies to scale and automate ABM program.


Mastering ABM Metrics for Maximum Impact