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Mastering ABM Metrics for Maximum Impact

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This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through November 1, 2024. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, Account-Based Marketing remains a pivotal strategy for organizations aiming to customize their marketing efforts to specific target accounts.  

However, the true power of ABM lies in the ability to accurately assess and measure the effectiveness of ABM initiatives, which requires a deep dive and comprehensive understanding of the most critical metrics.

ZoomInfo’s Kaitlin Sanders, an ABX expert and Go-to-Market strategist with over a decade of digital marketing expertise will shed light on the practical approaches adopted by industry experts to measure the real impact of ABM campaigns.

Kaitlin will delve into key topics including:

  • Redefining ABM Today: What is the current definition of ABM today and its significance in shaping modern marketing strategies?
  • Key Metrics for ABM Success: Identify essential metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of ABM campaigns and how to communicate the impact of ABM initiatives to stakeholders.
  • Future Advancements in ABM: How technology and predictive analytics are revolutionizing how organizations measure the success of ABM campaigns.

Kaitlin Sanders

Senior Customer Delivery Manager, ZoomInfo

As an Account-Based Experience (ABX) expert, Go-To-Market (GTM) strategist and B2B SaaS architect, she brings over a decade of digital marketing prowess to spearhead growth in the SaaS domain. Her approach is grounded in leveraging AI and data storytelling, where she transforms intricate data into actionable marketing strategies.

Her diverse experience across B2C and B2B sectors is complemented by a deep understanding of customer experience (CX). These insights are crucial in influencing product roadmaps, ensuring they are closely aligned with customer needs and market trends. This focus on CX not only drives product innovation but also ensures sustained customer engagement and satisfaction.

In addition, she excels in designing scalable programs that amplify strategic output on various platforms. Central to this success is my commitment to cross-functional collaboration, working with teams across different departments to ensure a cohesive and integrated approach. These programs are tailored to maximize efficiency and impact, ensuring that strategic goals are met with precision and scalability. Her ability to unite diverse skill sets and perspectives is key in driving these initiatives forward, fostering innovation, and achieving exceptional results.


Mastering ABM Metrics for Maximum Impact