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How to Optimize Digital Experiences to Drive Pipeline and Revenue

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In today’s digital-first world, delivering experiences like webinars, virtual events and content hubs as channels to simply generate leads is no longer enough. Success will be determined by your ability to engage prospects and identify the insights, interest and intent signals that empower sales teams to convert prospects into customers.

Join us for “How to optimize digital experiences to drive pipeline and revenue,” and learn tips and best practices for optimizing experiences that turn audience engagement into the actionable first-party data you need to find your best leads and more effectively drive pipeline and revenue.

You will learn:

* How to optimize experiences with content and CTAs

* Keys to integrating sales into audience experiences

* How to use first-party data to accelerate the buying journey

* Tips for creating sales triggers to drive pipeline

It’s time to stop collecting names and start generating pipeline. Register now and learn how.

Mark Bornstein

Vice President, Content Marketing and Chief Evangelist, ON24

As VP, Marketing and Chief Evangelist for ON24, Mark brings over 20 years of marketing & account management experience with leading brands including Cisco, GE Access (now Avnet) and Compatible Systems. Mark is the world’s leading voice for webinar & digital experience marketing and presents at conferences around the globe.



How to Optimize Digital Experiences to Drive Pipeline and Revenue