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How SMS Drives Higher Engagement and ROI

Free webinar brought to you by TextUs

This free event is now available for on-demand registration and access through May 28, 2024. Once registered, the on-demand content will become available.

This webinar is for sellers and marketers who are curious about leveraging SMS as a communication channel to drive higher consumer engagement, increase pipeline creation and ultimately boost revenue. Be sure to join us as TextUs VP of Marketing, Maggie Mistovich and VP of Account Management, Emily Myers talk through the benefits of texting your end-user in a world of unread emails and ghosted calls. 

Bring your Thanksgiving leftovers and come prepared to ask questions on how you can integrate SMS into your 2024 marketing strategy.  

Key Takeaways

  • 2023 consumer research on SMS adoption
  • SMS use cases for sales and marketing
  • Analysis / ROI of text messaging vs email
  • SMS trends and best practices for marketers

Maggie Mistovich

VP of Marketing, TextUs

Maggie is a tenured marketing professional with over 15 years of experience directing marketing programs across a multitude of industries, from lifestyle consumer brands, major hotel franchises and B2B SaaS. As VP of Marketing at TextUs, she oversees overall marketing strategy, brand direction, messaging and positioning as well as optimization of the marketing funnel, and multi-channel acquisition. Prior to TextUs, Maggie spent time in hospitality, driving digital strategy for a portfolio of major-branded hotels across the United States. She holds an MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver and a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. During undergrad, she also played Division 1 soccer at IUPUI.

Emily Myers

VP of Account Management, TextUs

Emily is an experienced Account Management and Customer Success professional with over 20 years of managing enterprise level, strategic client relationships with an emphasis on driving strategic marketing and contact plans. As VP of Account Management at TextUs, Emily leads a team of highly skilled Account Managers who educate, inform, and train thousands of companies across many industries to adopt best practices and world-class SMS contact strategies to their customers and associates. Prior to TextUs, Emily spent time in the retail/e-commerce space leading teams to execute omni-channel campaigns that include Online Personalization, Email, Direct Mail, Mobile, Social Media, and PPO/SEO. With a focus on results, she has a track record of success in helping clients develop innovative ways to improve customer engagement strategies driven by data science and analytics.


How SMS Drives Higher Engagement and ROI