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Digital Strategy: The Future of AI Revisited (Members-Only)

AMA introduced a new webinar series of members-only conversations with “The Future of AI: Customer Privacy and Regulation Impacts” in June of 2023, just six months after the launch of ChatGPT. Since then, AI has continued to evolve and change. For the first time, we are revisiting our previous conversation to learn more about how AI is impacting marketing and digital strategy.

As marketers, we’ve seen how quickly AI has entered the marketplace and understand its powerful potential to refine and change our work. However, much remains unknown about the future of AI and its potential downfalls and advantages.

Join us for an AMA members-only panel discussion examining what’s coming next for AI. We’ll dive into the trade-off between consumer privacy protection and the performance of artificial intelligence. Plus, we’ll look at the current paradoxes of AI in terms of the upcoming regulation.

This Webinar is Exclusively for AMA Members


Julien Cloarec

Associate Professor of Quantitative Marketing, iaelyon School of Management

Matilda Dorotic

Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, BI Norwegian Business School

Noah Brier

Founder, BrXnd

Bennie F. Johnson

CEO, American Marketing Association


Digital Strategy: The Future of AI Revisited (Members-Only)