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Beyond ChatGPT: Elevating Marketing with AI-Generated Graphics, Audio, and Video

Free webinar brought to you by PlayPlay

While marketers are increasingly infusing AI into their text-based content strategies, many are missing out on some of the highest impact places AI can elevate their work: graphics, audio, and video. Traditionally, graphics, audio, and video have always been costly initiatives that required specialists. But with new AI tools, marketers now have the power to take their knowledge of their domain and round out their marketing strategy with these new content types. Learn how you can balance AI, your expertise, and human creativity to improve the impact of your work.

On June 4th, join our webinar with AI expert, Natalie Lambert, Founder and Managing Partner at GenEdge Consulting / ex-Googler, and Clement Desmouceaux, Head of Marketing at PlayPlay, as they take the virtual stage to discuss:

  • The AI Landscape Beyond ChatGPT: Discover a range of powerful use cases and AI tools designed to elevate your marketing efforts.
  • Uplevel your skills with graphics, audio, and video with AI: Learn how AI can help you cultivate new skills and drive more impact for your organization.
  • AI for Measurable ROI: Understand how to evaluate AI’s efficacy and impact on marketing by measuring cost, time, performance, and creativity – backed by real-world examples.
  • The AI Video Creation Revolution: Discover how AI is transforming video creation, empowering marketers to generate high-impact content without technical expertise.
  • AI-Powered Video Creation for Everyone: See first-hand how AI grants you the power to edit videos like a pro without any experience — a skill you never knew you wanted…or needed.

The session will be available on-demand for 6 months after it airs. The session airs at 12PM CT.

Natalie Lambert

Founder & Managing Partner, GenEdge Consulting

Natalie Lambert, Founder & Managing Partner at GenEdge Consulting, is a leader driving innovation in marketing through generative AI. She established GenEdge with a mission to help organizations gain a competitive advantage by leveraging GenAI. Her journey into the world of AI began at Google, where she initiated AI pilot projects across the organization. These initiatives aimed to identify practical use cases, tools, and strategies to enhance Google’s marketing efforts, delivering significant returns on investment.

Natalie also led the content strategy at Google Cloud, held CMO positions in two successful enterprise startups, both acquired during her tenure, and worked at Citrix in various marketing capacities. Her career began at Forrester Research, where she advised companies on tech investments and best practices. Her expertise has earned her recognition in publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Forbes, and

Clément Desmouceaux

Head of Marketing, PlayPlay

Clement is a dynamic marketing leader known for his data-driven approach and passion for innovation. He currently spearheads the North American marketing strategy for PlayPlay, leveraging his extensive experience from McKinsey & Company where he elevated sales and marketing initiatives for global firms. With a deep enthusiasm for technology, Clement champions the use of AI in marketing, advocating for its potential to expand creative boundaries and elevate marketing practices to unprecedented levels.


Beyond ChatGPT: Elevating Marketing with AI-Generated Graphics, Audio, and Video