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AI Made Easy: Practical Tools for Marketing Transformation

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Are you ready to explore Artificial Intelligence but unsure where to start? Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out in digital transformation, our webinar is tailored just for you.

In this engaging session, we’ll demystify the concept of AI in marketing and introduce you to a variety of accessible, low-cost tools that will set you on the path to AI integration without overwhelming your budget or your schedule. These tools are specifically designed to enhance marketing, advertising, and communications functions within your organization.

The session will be available on-demand for 6 months after it airs. The session airs at 12PM CT.

Key Takeaways

  1. Overview of AI in Marketing: AI is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Gain an understanding of the current landscape of Marketing Artificial Intelligence and how it’s reshaping the industry.
  2. Discover Low-Lift, High-Impact Tools: Explore a range of AI tools, from SEO optimization using Natural Language Processing for better search results to AI-driven content creation that can save time and produce more engaging outputs.
  3. Practical Applications: See how AI can be used to optimize email marketing through content recommendations and optimal send times, streamline content generation and editing, and even enhance audio and visual content creation.
  4. Experiment with AI: Learn how to start simple, practical AI experiments that can incrementally improve your marketing processes, making them less time-consuming and more effective.

Erica Salm Rench

Chief Operating Officer,

After working in enrollment management where she focused on strategic recruitment and marketing, Erica managed a team of online marketers at the largest digital marketing company in the Gulf South. There, she supported the web development, SEO, online advertising, and content marketing teams in executing strategies which elevated organizations to stand out and be seen amongst the chaos of the online marketplace. Now, as the COO of, she gets to blend her love of digital marketing technology, partnership development, and customer support in order to support the incredible community of clients.

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AI Made Easy: Practical Tools for Marketing Transformation