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5 Ways to Elevate the Employability of Your Marketing Students

Nearly 80% of employers believe that current graduates do not arrive equipped with the skills they need to be work-ready, and 49% of graduates are not applying for entry-level jobs because they perceive themselves as underqualified (Cengage, 2022). Prospective students are now prioritizing practicality, and universities are feeling the pressure to ensure that their graduates secure meaningful employment opportunities.

The decision to pursue a college degree often hinges on two critical factors: the cost of education and the likelihood of landing a job upon graduation. The ability to bridge the gap between education and career prospects has become a vital competitive advantage for universities.

Join us in this enlightening webinar as we explore the latest trends and valuable insights that can empower universities and colleges to enhance their students’ employability and distinguish their programs.

  • Offer work-integrated and practical learning.
  • Help your students use networking platforms effectively
  • Provide your students with industry certifications.
  • Help your students to build key soft-skills
  • Keep your curriculum relevant and industry-aligned.

5 Ways to Elevate the Employability of Your Marketing Students