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Essentials for Higher Education Content Marketing Success

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Central

Meeting the High Expectations from Your Audiences

Content marketing is an integral part of how higher educators engage with their target markets, including students, parents, alumni, donors, and faculty. On top of that, higher education marketers are competing against the content and digital experiences of some of the largest digital brands and companies on the internet today. 

Despite the importance, many higher ed organizations have not developed the required foundation strategies to ensure short- and long-term content success.

This training, which is an add-on option for the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, will focus on the fundamentals of developing an effective content marketing strategy and best practices on building consensus and approvals within an organization.

This virtual training includes 3 hours of live instruction, interactive Q&A and hands-on exercises.

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Registration for this training is only available as an add-on to the 2020 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education virtual event.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the essentials on how to develop a successful content marketing strategy
  • Understand the steps necessary to determine who your target audiences are and what types of content which will capture their attention and engagement
  • Best practices on developing target market personas and where they are on their Customer Journey
  • Have a plan on how you can engage with your leadership and build consensus and approvals
  • How to turn your team into a content marketing machine

Who Should Attend?

  • Higher education marketers focused on digital channels and social media
  • Growth marketers with specific retention and lead generation goals
  • Higher education content marketers


Cord Silverstein

President, Advocacy Social

Cord Silverstein is an award-winning brand and content marketer and social media strategist. He ensures his clients do not confuse audience with influence by developing campaigns that allow brands to engage with their most loyal customers and fans. Silverstein has focused throughout his career in bringing down the walls within his clients’ organizations to develop and launch campaigns that deliver tangible and trackable success.

AMA Event Policies

November 10 (All Times CST)

  • Understanding your target markets – Broad vs. specific
  • Personas – Why they are valuable and how to develop and create successful personas with examples
  • The top 10 questions you must ask and answer to know your target audiences
  • How to sell this within your organization and gain consensus and approvals from leadership – Case studies
  • Breakout Session 1: Determine your top target audience and what makes them special – Create a headline that will grab their attention and engagement – Discuss
  • Understanding the Customer Journey – How to develop content and engage at every stage of your target markets’ journey
  • How to digital integrate and get the most out of your content across all of your channels online and off
  • Analytics – How to develop and track specific success metrics to determine what content is performing best for your target audiences
  • Breakout Session 2: Develop the foundation pieces of a complete campaign – How and where do you engage and track target audiences, identify success metrics
  • The launch of your content is not the end, but just the beginning – Track, analyze and iterate for long-term content success

Essentials for Higher Education Content Marketing Success