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Content vs. Copywriting

Online | 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Central

The Difference Matters and It Helps Your Bottom Line

Did you know that content and copywriting are not the same thing? And that understanding the difference and how to use each can change your business communications?

In this online workshop, you’ll learn to craft valuable content that attracts customer’s attention and increases conversions. And we’ll explore how copywriting and content writing serve different but important purposes.  Here’s a quick preview to get your mind moving:

  • Copywriting is the art of selling people on an idea, brand or ideology. It is direct and focused on a sales-generating end-game. It’s essential to your long-game strategy.
  • Content writing is informative and creative and meant to be shared. It’s clever, quick and designed to inspire action. It’s vital to drive people to your business. 

Discover strategies for content and copy creation, learn to craft communications that get read, and leave with an understanding of how professional-level writing can build your brand and increase your revenue.

What’s Included

  • 3 hours of live instruction (starting at 11 a.m. Central)
  • Interactive Q&A and hands-on exercises
  • Resources, templates, tips and best practices
  • On-demand access after the live training

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Pamela Foley

SEO Copywriter

Pam Foley is a creative professional experienced in SEO copywriting, technical SEO and content. As founder of AOU Creative, she is also certified by Yoast, Google, SEM Rush and Amazon. In addition to B.A. in Communication Studies and a stint as a writer for a Reuter’s blog service, Pamela holds a J.D. and has worked as an attorney. 

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Content vs. Copywriting