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AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp


Level Up Your Digital Marketing Expertise

Digital marketing changes fast. And keeping up with the newest strategies for reaching your customers can be a frustrating challenge for any marketer. The AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp will help you level up your digital marketing skills to remain relevant and highly marketable.

Over two days, our industry-expert instructors will lead you through a series of interactive workshops focused on digital marketing best practices and step-by-step instructions for building a plan that works. Each workshop seamlessly integrates with the next to show you how all the pieces of the digital marketing pie fit together and drive success.

Plus, the Bootcamp includes working sessions so you can apply what you are learning directly to one of your upcoming campaigns.

Who Should Attend?

Individual to mid-level marketing professionals who are ready to take the next big step in their career. This Bootcamp dives into digital marketing best practices so that you can take your digital marketing to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn best practices and digital marketing essentials, including digital strategy, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing and digital analytics
  • Understand how to build an actionable digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and priorities
  • Develop a content marketing strategy and execution that will drive significant results
  • Learn specific and actionable techniques on how to deliver an ROI from your SEO, email and social media marketing efforts

What’s Included?

  • Six workshops led by industry-experts
  • Interactive Q&A and hands-on exercises
  • Resource, tips and best practices
  • On-demand access for six months


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Non-Member Price


After completing registration, you will receive a purchase receipt. We will email you the information for accessing this training closer to the event.

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Not only do AMA members get discounts on trainings like this one, but they also receive exclusive content, downloadable tools, unlimited digital access to AMA academic journals and newly added benefits every week. It’s all for a low price of $149/year. (That’s only $12.42/month.)

AMA Event Policies

Monday, July 25, 2022 (All Times Central)


Workshop 1: Digital Marketing Strategy and Market Planning

  • Understand target markets: How to do target market research and analysis quickly
  • Successful personas: How to approach, develop and iterate on B2B and B2C personas
  • Iterative digital marketing strategy: Campaign launch is not the finish line, but just the start

Attendee working session: Identify your top target audience for an upcoming campaign and what are your individual wants, needs, issues or challenges

Instructor: Cord Silverstein


Workshop 2: Content Marketing Strategy and Execution

  • Approach and purpose: The value content marketing can return; Shifting into publisher-thinking; Creating channels vs. buying into them; Goals and KPI’s
  • Execution: Content plans; Staffing, talent, and outsourcing; Types and purpose of content; Channels; Tree-top view of tools; Measuring success
  • Creative: Audience from a publishing perspective; Storytelling 101; Inclusive communications; Listening

Attendee working session: Create a Content Marketing Scorecard: Is it right for my organization? Where does it need to go if we’re already doing content marketing? How close are we if we aren’t? What’s the path to get there?

Instructor: Aaron Templer


Workshop 3: Social Media Marketing

  • An honest look at social media marketing: The positives and the significant challenges with developing and launching a successful social media campaign
  • Defining success: Defining what social media success looks like for your organization
  • Social capital: What is social capital, what it takes to earn it and why your organization wants it

Instructors: Jenny Munn, Cord Silverstein and Aaron Templer

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 (All Times Central)

Welcome Back!

Workshop 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Better SEO in 2022: Understand what are the most impactful activities that contribute to better SEO in 2022 and beyond
  • Creating a successful team: Gain clarity around what is needed for SEO, and who typically implements what part (hint: It’s never just one person)
  • Work smarter: Learn about free, low-cost and premium tools that will help you advance your strategy and implementation

Attendee working session: Review target keywords and identify those that are aligned, competitive, represent search demand, and are ideal for your organization.

Instructor: Jenny Munn


Workshop 5: Email Marketing

  • Develop a successful email strategy: How to see email campaigns as an ongoing story instead of one-offs
  • Three stages of email success: The equation to determine email priorities and consistently improve performance
  • High performance email best practices: What specific techniques will consistently deliver top success metrics

Attendee working session: Develop a top-performing email subject line, pain point and call to action for an upcoming email campaign

Instructor: Cord Silverstein


Workshop 6: Analytics and Q&A

  • Content Marketing: Top three analytics to track and how to track
  • Social Media: Top three analytics to track and how to track
  • Search Engine Optimization: Top three analytics to track and how to track
  • Email Marketing: Top three analytics to track and how to track

Instructors: Cord Silverstein, Jenny Munn and Aaron Templer

Cord Silverstein

Cord Silverstein

Cord Silverstein is an award-winning digital marketer and speaker with over 20 years of proven marketing expertise. He has worked on both sides of the aisle leading the digital marketing strategy and execution for many Fortune 500 brands.

Cord is President of Advocacy Social, a content marketing and social media agency based in Raleigh, NC, specializing in working with brands to better identify, engage and empower their brand advocates online and off.

Jenny Munn

Jenny Munn

Jenny is an independent SEO Consultant and Strategist with over 13 years of experience helping organizations and marketing teams generate brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Jenny is passionate about her field and is a frequent speaker on SEO and website marketing. She has taught SEO at WordCamps around the country, PRSA, Business Marketing Association, Digital Atlanta, EdNET, NAIS, and various digital marketing and industry organizations. In addition, she is on the faculty for the American Marketing Association and has taught SEO to thousands of marketers.

Aaron Templer

Aaron Templer

Aaron Templer is a 25+ year marketing leader with a music problem. An unapologetic polymath, he’s a marketing and brand firm owner (Three Over Four), professional instructor and national volunteer for the American Marketing Association, occasional speaker and hobby percussionist. His firm, speaking engagements, teachings and writings are at the intersection of strategy, creativity, brand, influence and leadership. Aaron’s debut book Leading in a Social World was awarded a Nautilus Book Awards Silver Medal in the category of Business & Leadership and was one of three Finalists in the Marketing and Public Relations category of the National Indie Excellence Awards. Some call him The Gora Dhol Wallah.

I’m not able to attend the full time. Can I still participate?
Yes! Your registration includes access to on-demand session recordings for six months.


AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp