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Healthcare Marketing: Three Steps for Mastering Local Search

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Local search is a powerful tool for connecting with patients. How do your hospital and doctors rank?

For many healthcare marketers, rising to the to the top of search results can seem like a complex challenge to solve. This free webcast will focus on helping you choose the right pieces of healthcare data to make the biggest impact. Plus, we’ll explain how you can turbocharge your provider and location web pages and local listings to ensure consumers searching for healthcare options online find the care they need—and choose you over your competitors.

To help in learning, we’ll feature a case study from Bellin Health, a large health system that has significantly increased organic traffic by following a three-step approach to mastering local search. ​

Moira Green

Web Project Manager, Bellin Health

Moira Green has been leading the digital marketing initiatives for Bellin Health for more than ten years. She is passionate about using technology to find easier and better ways to connect today’s healthcare customer with the right care.

Adam Dorfman

Director, Product Management,

With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing and local and organic search, Adam Dorfman ensures that best practices continue are incorporated in health system’s search and digital strategies.


Healthcare Marketing: Three Steps for Mastering Local Search