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First-Time Manager Bootcamp: Management and Leadership Essentials

Online | 10AM-3PM CT

Elevate Your Potential as a Manager

Are you an experienced team member aspiring to take on a leadership role? Or, a first-time manager longing for a transformative career development experience? If so, look no further!

Our First-Time Manager Bootcamp is designed to equip you with the essential skills and mindset required to move up and succeed as a new manager. Whether you’re just starting to consider a career path in management or have recently made the jump, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

This one-day experience is packed with relevant sessions providing you with the opportunity to engage with prominent leaders across the industry to share the best-kept secrets in management.

Elevate your potential and position yourself for a remarkable professional journey.

May 29, 2024 | Online | 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM CT

Key Takeaways

  • Identify the skill sets and perspectives needed for a management role and how to demonstrate you are ready for the promotion
  • Discuss how to progress from tactical to team thinking and how best to reframe your focus
  • Provide networking opportunities to connect with peers and potential mentors who can provide advice and support as you navigate your career development






*All times listed are CT

Preparing for Management

Management can feel like a big jump in terms of responsibilities and expectations, so how do you know when you’re ready?

This session will dive into the essential skills, strategies, and qualities that distinguish successful managers and help you learn how to cultivate a leadership mindset that will best position you for the next step in your career.

  • What’s different between being an individual contributor and a manager?
  • What are things to think about when making the move to being a people manager?
  • What makes a good manager that you would want to emulate? 
  • How do you demonstrate that you’re ready for that next level?

Reframing Your Focus

When you transition into management, the scope of your work begins to change. Instead of doing the work, you are responsible for setting the goals and then guiding others to do the work.

This session will explore the critical shift in perspective from task-focused to people-focused that is required to excel in management and set your team up for success. 

  • How do you change your focus from doing the work to managing others?
  • What business insights do you need to be aware of as a manager that you weren’t privy to or focused on before? 
  • How do you start gaining some of the business and administrative knowledge that you might not have experience with? 
  • What do good individual and department goals look like, and how do you set them?

Managing Your Team

Managers may not be the ones doing the hands-on work, but they play a pivotal role in their team’s success.

This session will cover effective leadership techniques for how to manage and inspire your team through building strong working relationships, providing support, and coaching/mentoring your team.

  • How do you build a good relationship with your employees?
  • What does support look like and how can you provide that to your team? 
  • How do you coach your employees through challenging situations?
  • What level of feedback should you provide, and how can you provide feedback so that it motivates and inspires as opposed to feels defeating? 

Pam Didner

B2B Marketeer, Speaker, Author, & Podcaster

Pam understands the challenges business professionals face every day. She loves to
be in the trenches with her clients to solve their problems and grow their businesses. With 20 years of corporate experience across finance and accounting, manufacturing, and operations, right down to marketing, she knows how corporate works.

Pam has written 3 books: Effective Sales Enablement, The Modern AI Marketer, and Global Content Marketing. She has also launched her podcast and YouTube channel, B2B Marketing and More.

Her expertise is in strategic planning, B2B marketing, sales and marketing alignment, content marketing, sales enablement, and more. She is a natural strategic thinker and tactical in execution. With her vast array of experience, Pam helps her clients connect the dots and think creatively.

Ellie Ahmadi

Marketing Consultant / CMO

Ellie Ahmadi, a former Chief Marketing Officer at Sago, is a visionary, transformative, and respected leader who brings years of marketing experience across multiple industries and organizations.

Ellie’s experience ranges from large Fortune 100 organizations to small SaaS companies. She led digital and demand gen for organizations in the ad tech industry, cybersecurity, and consulting firms such as Protiviti through much of her career. Other notable employers include Accenture, where she led digital innovation, and Xerox, where she began her career as a Marketing Analyst and where her data-driven mindset was born.

Most recently, she led some of the largest transformations at Schlesinger Group and rebranded this 57-year-old firm to Sago. She created an insight and data-driven culture showing marketing’s impact on the bottom line. She encourages innovative environments where diversity of ideas is fostered and thrives where ‘aha’ moments create change and impact.

Ellie earned her MBA from Thunderbird (American Graduate School of International Business) with an international business and marketing focus.

Will Baggett

Founder, Executive Image

Will Baggett, former operations manager for the College Football Playoff, is an award-winning major events professional, former strength coach and dynamic speaker. In early 2020, Will was recognized by the White House for outstanding communications and service to the President of the United States.

Will has also helped produce events such as the Super Bowl, Final Four and a host of college football bowl games. Over his six-year coaching career, Will helped produce 19 NFL draft picks, including two first-round picks.

Will’s first book, The Blueprint for a Successful Career, was released in 2017 to widespread acclaim and has been added to the curriculum at six nationally accredited universities.

The Blueprint for a Successful Career, Will’s first book, was released in 2017 to widespread acclaim and has been added to the curriculum at six nationally accredited universities. He began speaking in 2017 and has since delivered over 250 keynotes, inspiring over 50,000 people across multigenerational workplaces in both the public and private sector.

Will is considered to be the undisputed authority in personal branding, body language and soft skills leadership, resulting in a 98.13% approval rating across all his speeches.

Will is highly regarded as the most interactive speaker in the country, leveraging his unique INFJ personality and quick wit to leave teams more inspired and connected than ever before.

First-Time Manager Bootcamp: Management and Leadership Essentials