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2019 HOW Marketing Live

Chicago, IL

Future Forward

The American Marketing Association and HOW Design Live are partnering to strengthen the collaboration between marketers and designers because the business challenges of today–and tomorrow–depend on it.

A Conference Within a Conference

HOW Marketing Live will dive into the challenges that designers and marketers face together every day. It’s a conference within the larger HOW Design Live conference where designers and marketers will:

  • Gain an understanding of how strategy drives key marketing decisions
  • Dive into metrics, ROI, and the use of data to optimize creative and drive results
  • Explore the use of marketing automation, social media, SEO, paid strategies, and content marketing to deliver integrated campaigns
  • Get exposure to the foundations of UI / UX design and the connection between digital and physical touchpoints to deliver memorable customer experiences
  • Discuss the implications of artificial intelligence on marketing and design
  • Build empathy for each other’s roles and recognize the value that designers and marketers each bring to the board room
  • Learn strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively with each other in an agile world

All-Access Two-Day Pass

A How Marketing Live ticket also gives you access to the entire HOW Deign Live Conference from May 7-8, including keynotes, the exhibit hall and more.

2019 HOW Marketing Live