Face to Face Training Series

Sharpen your skills, gain a professional advantage and network with marketing colleagues across multiple industries. 

Learning online is great, but sometimes there's no substitute for a classroom full of peers and an instructor who's ready to answer your questions and share cutting edge marketing knowledge face to face.  With the AMA you’ll find a wide array of topics customized and designed  to deepen and broaden the skills of every level of marketer. 

Specialized Courses Designed to Boost YOUR Career 

AMA’s training programs take a ‘learn-by-doing’ approach with expert facilitators who offer the strategies, tools and methodologies to deepen insights and maximize success for attendees. The AMA offers training and workshops ranging from essentials to advanced level content.  Topics include metrics, strategic planning, social media, content marketing, branding, integrated marketing communications and analytics.

Join us!

Integrated Marketing Communications​ ​May 18-19 ​Minneapolis, MN
Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication for Marketing Success​ ​June 14-15 ​Chicago, IL
Effective Marketing Writing ​June 26-27 ​Chicago, IL​
Effective Marketing Writing ​June 29-30 ​Chicago, IL
*Registration opening soon​
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