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Twitch Streamers and Their Relationships with Viewers: Marketer Paradise or Threat to Consumer Privacy?

Presented by: Mr. Alexander Carter and Dr. Mariea Hoy, University of Tennessee

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    Hannah Finkelstein

    Please provide feedback on Twitch Streamers and Their Relationships with Viewers: Marketer Paradise or Threat to Consumer Privacy?

    Alexa Fox

    Relationships on Twitch is a very interesting topic, especially when it comes to implications for marketing and online privacy. As I perused the poster, a couple of thoughts came to mind: (1) How does a state of flow, or the psychological state consumers experience when they are completely involved and not easily distracted online (Hoffman and Novak, 1996) contribute to how easily people can form relationships via Twitch? This could be from the perspective of the gamer (fully immersed in the game) or the viewer (fully immersed in someone else playing the game, almost like watching a movie). (2) The small community mentioned by interviewees is also one that may be closely knit based on interests. As you continue your work, it would be interesting to tease out the effect of community size (e.g., the second comment in the second “preliminary insights” box) from the effect of micro-interests (e.g., a passion for the same game or genre of games, characters, etc). Wishing you all the best as you move forward with your interesting work!

    Marie Yeh

    Interesting work! Thank you of exploring this domain. I was curious regarding the role of gender. You have one female in your sample and your comment in your discussion intimated that females may have more issues regarding privacy, safety, etc. Do you have plans to increase your sample size with regards to gender? I would find that very interesting. I also wonder if you might consider expanding your scope to ask Twitch streamers you interview if you could access their streams and analyze the transcripts to see the content of the streams. It may be that they record he streams and post them for consumption both on Twitch and potentially on YouTube as well. A suggestion to make your data richer. My curiosity is motivated for examining more issues of safety. You could do an examination linguistically positive/negative affect as well as do grounded theory coding to see the nature of the comments made in the chat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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