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The Robots Are Coming: How Will Consumers React?

Presented by: Ms. Nadeesha Bandara, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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    Hannah Finkelstein

    Please provide feedback on The Robots Are Coming: How Will Consumers React?

    Alexa Fox

    This is a compelling topic in an area of increasing interdisciplinary interest. As you progress in your research, I will be curious to learn more about how companies can implement this typology to classify consumers’ reactions to robot-enabled or related products. Best wishes as you continue this work!

    Nadeesha Bandara

    Hello Alexa, thank you for your encouraging words. Me and my co-authors are very excited about this work and we will be happy to discuss more as we move further in this stream of research. Please feel free to reach out to me at in the future. Thank you again!

    Lindsey Fair

    Hi! I agree with Alexa that is a growing area of interest in many disciplines. Do you intend to, or have you considered how previous interactions with robots may influence their future reactions? And building on that, what types of previous interactions may lead to different reactions or adoption?

    Mariea Hoy

    Are you looking at demographics? Part of my confidence in aging is the role technology will play in allowing me to live a quality, independent life. Maybe that makes me an open-minded realist with a lot of hope!

    Nadeesha Bandara

    Hi Lindsey, thank you for your question and I do agree it’s important to take into account consumers’ previous interactions with robots. We are currently working on expanding our quantitative model in addition to our text mining work presented here and thus we have collected some data about peoples’ previous interactions with robots at home, work and other places. Moreover, we evaluate technology acceptance, and based on our preliminary analysis so far we see that a majority of our open minded realists are very accepting of technology as expected. We are very excited about this stream of work and will be happy to share our findings as we move further along. Thank you very much again for visiting our poster and for your comments.

    Nadeesha Bandara

    Hi Mariea, thank you for visiting our poster and for sharing your thoughts. The point you bring up is very interesting. Eventhough, we haven’t explicitly looked at the demographic data in the current work presented, we do intend to evaluate whether there are differences in the typology and emotions exhibited in terms of the demographics of consumers as we move further along. Especially, with service robots becoming more prominent in consumers’ lives even as they age, I think your prediction about the typology and emotions may in fact be supported. So definitely, worth investigating. Thank you very much again!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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