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Digital Dads and Sharenting: An Exploration of First Time Fathers With Implications for Children’s Online Privacy

Presented by: Mariea Grubbs Hoy, Alexa K. Fox, Alexander E. Carter

This study seeks to understand how first time dads (FTDs) may have risk factors for consumer vulnerability (cf. Baker, Gentry, and Rittenburg 2005) and how that vulnerability might translate into posting their child’s PII on social media, especially in response to marketer social media engagement tactics. We investigate FTDs in terms of (1) expressions of vulnerability; (2) if /why they post content about their children on social media, (3) if/how vulnerability may be linked to such postings; (3) what “rules” and privacy management practices they use to guide these postings, and the (4) extent to which they post content about their children to brands. We also explore how FTDs compare and contrast to first time mothers (FTMs) for these questions. For further information, please contact Mariea Grubbs Hoy, DeForrest Jackson Professor, Professor of Advertising, University of Tennessee,

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