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Call for Proposals: 2020 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

Call for Proposals: 2020 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

For more than 30 years, higher ed marketers like you have come together at the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education to share ideas, find solutions to common frustrations and build community, It’s a chance to become rejuvenized knowing you’re not alone and have the power to make an impact on your campus.

This year is no different. We’re taking the Symposium virtual and creating an experience where you can interact with peers while hearing from some of the top minds in higher education. It’s a full-featured event that brings together all of the key elements of past live gatherings, including important thought leadership and experiences from your colleagues.

We are launching a second Call for Proposals process to help us cover some of the most timely challenges higher ed marketers are facing today.

We are specifically looking for submissions on the following topics:

Campus Activism 

  • The role of the campus communicators in the middle of 2020 national and global protests and movements.

Online Learning 

  • How are communications between “permanent online” (pre-COVID) and “temporary online” (during and post-COVID) being utilized differently to target students?
  • Have student preferences changed between permanent online and temporary online offerings? 
  • How have marketers communicated the value of their school’s offerings during COVID?
  • Messaging the value of education 
  • Recruiting and engaging international students

Making Remote Work Effectively 

  • Navigating and overcoming silos 
  • How has the role of marketing changed through 2020? 
  • How to navigate the role of marketers as connectors in a remote environment 
  • How to lead and engage staff in a remote work environment 

COVID-19: Looking Beyond Crisis Communication

  • Lessons learned in the past year 
  • How to improve upon successful changes universities made? 
  • What does campus life look like post-COVID-19?
  • What changes will we keep post-COVID-19?

Internal Communications in Today’s Climate 

  • How have institutions navigated communications with current students, faculty and staff during COVID-19 and events of this year? 
  • What has proven to be important and effective? 
  • What challenges had to be overcome? 
  • What learnings can be carried over into the future?

Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Marnie Thompson at

Submitting Your Proposal

New Submissions Only

Submissions for this second round must be entirely new. Proposals that have been previously submitted will not be re-reviewed or accepted. 

Who should submit?

  • Practitioners at non-profit and for-profit colleges and universities
  • Practitioners for graduate, professional, and specialized schools
  • Research and planning specialists
  • University leaders and policymakers
  • CMOs at non-profit and for-profit colleges and universities
  • Agencies, consultants, and solution providers with experience serving higher education

We invite all presenters of diverse backgrounds and experiences to submit proposals. The committee wishes to support these professionals and advance inclusive excellence.

How to Submit

Visit our submission site for full details on abstract requirements, selection process and more.