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Community Types for AMA Members

Community Types and Eligibility

  • Professional
    • Professional chapters
    • Available to both AMA Members and Student Members
  • Academic
    • Academic, special interest groups (SIGs)
    • Available to both AMA Members and Student Members
  • Executive Marketer
    • Exclusive senior marketer cohort
    • Available only to eligible AMA Members
  • Collegiate
    • Undergraduate student chapters
    • Available only to AMA Student Members



  • AMA Members receive complimentary membership in their choice of one home community (professional or academic):
    • Professional community – one designated primary chapter
    • Academic community – one designated primary academic SIG with access to all SIGs
  • AMA Members who meet eligibility criteria can choose to join the Executive Marketer community for free
  • AMA Student Members join the collegiate chapter at their local college or university and pay local dues directly to the collegiate chapter
  • AMA Members and AMA Student Members can choose to join additional communities for an additional fee
    • Professional chapter – add-on cost is the local AMA Member or Student Member dues rate as set by the chapter
    • Academic community – add-on cost is $45, which provides access to all academic SIGs