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Sharing AMA Professional Chapter Virtual Events

Professional chapters that want to share upcoming webinars with others can submit information about it through the AMA Professional Chapter Virtual Events: Submission Form.

To see all chapter webinars that have been shared view the AMA Professional Chapter Virtual Events Responses.

The AMA Support Center will post all submitted virtual events on the chapter events page on Please allow up to one week for newly submitted chapter events to be added to the website. In addition, the AMA Support Center may promote select webinars through national communication channels, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and newsletters.

Chapter leaders are also encouraged to promote webinars on this list that they believe will interest their local members.

As AMA virtual audiences are diverse, chapter leaders should consider the following when planning, submitting, and hosting webinars:

  • Audiences’ opinions should be respected
  • Diverse speaker lineups are recommended
  • Volatile topics should be avoided