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Treasurer: Free Membership Program

Has your chapter struggled to find and keep an experienced chapter treasurer? Help is available! The AMA Support Center will waive national dues for a financial expert who serves as treasurer for your chapter if your chapter also agrees to waive local dues. 

About the Program 

AMA constitution and bylaws require that all chapter board members also be current AMA members, including the chapter treasurer. While some chapters have success recruiting a financial expert to provide book-keeping and accounting services on a pro-bono basis, many financial experts struggle to see the benefit of AMA membership as non-marketers. Because it is difficult to find a financial expert willing to pay for AMA dues in addition to donating their services, the AMA Support Center has created this special program that will waive their membership dues.

Who Qualifies as a Financial Expert?

 A “Financial Expert” is a skilled financial professional who would not otherwise have any reason to join the AMA if they were not serving as your board treasurer.  Guidelines for qualifications include:

  • Board-certified accountant (CPA in US, CA/CGA/CMA in Canada)
  • Tax attorney
  • Title of CFO, Controller, VP Finance, or Finance Director
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a senior-level finance role

How to Participate

  • Your chapter recruits a financial expert to serve as treasurer (see recruitment tips below).
  • Your chapter elects this candidate as your chapter treasurer.
  • Your chapter sends a request for free membership for your treasurer to the AMA Support Center by emailing the following information to
  • Full name and email address of the treasurer
  • Dates of board service
  • Link to their LinkedIn profile
  • The AMA Support Center will process your chapter treasurer’s membership application with all dues waived.
  • If a financial expert is serving multiple years as treasurer, your chapter should email the AMA Support Center at when their membership is about to expire to request renewal with dues waived. 

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