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Developing Sponsorship Packages

Don’t be afraid to ask for sponsorship for your Professional Chapter. Your group is a desirable audience for many businesses who want to get in front of them. Bring your value, and sponsorships will build upon each success.

Develop Formal Sponsorship Packages 

  • Ask sponsors what their needs are (i.e., local brand awareness, sell to marketers)

  • Created to show value, easy to explain and sell, build in flexibility to customize to the needs of your sponsor

  • Establish categories of sponsorships: perennial needs – print, promo items, catering venue space, photography, etc.

  • Consider all types of sponsorships – event, annual, underwriters, in-kind, out-of-the-box, etc.

  • Be specific on the benefits they’ll receive

Ensure Sponsorship Value

  • Sponsors will want some return on investment (ROI), and make sure you show them value

  • Understand the value of what you are offering

    • Match this up with what they value; the best partnerships align this way

  • Make promises, then keep them

  • Be sure the recognition and benefits match the value

Monitor and Report Value Back to Sponsors

  • The sponsorship chair should monitor sponsor package elements monthly to ensure that all items are delivered (i.e., social media mentions, luncheon announcements)

  • Encourage sponsors to utilize their benefits. When other businesses see active sponsors, they are more likely to feel value in it.

  • Review items with sponsors throughout the year, not just when you’re trying to renew

  • Remind sponsors to take advantage of their value elements (i.e., come to speak at an event, leave marketing items, social media posts). Please don’t assume they will remember.
  • Create a recap deck for them at the end of the year to review and take back to their organization