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Board Recruitment & Succession Planning

Board Recruitment

BIB Truth > Great AMA leaders own the responsibility for volunteer recruitment:

  • Begin by filling most important positions, which will vary by chapter
  • Make it personal – set up one-on-one discussions with recruits
  • Set expectations early with detailed volunteer job descriptions
  • Create board and volunteer commitment forms
  • Promote volunteer opportunities at every avenue: events, website, newsletters, social media, new member orientation, event surveys
  • Consider a campaign for volunteer or board recruitment (e.g., “Board Rush Night”)

Get your board engaged in recruiting volunteers.
Start by identifying volunteer roles, responsibilities, and expectations

  • Identify roles both large, small, and smaller (e.g., greeter)
  • Out-of-the-box roles (think volunteer bloggers & social media volunteers)
  • “What’s in it for me” content, promoting networking, growth, credibility &  fun
  • Don’t forget event discounts and volunteer appreciation events
  • Volunteer surveys to align goals/capabilities
  • Volunteer Coordinator role or VP of Volunteers (great job for a past president or president-elect to recruit for their board)

Succession Planning

Plan, Plan, Plan

  • Presidents and Presidents-Elect should conduct bi-annual succession planning reviews
  • All VP’s should have succession plans for committee volunteers

Maintain your succession plans with retention strategies

Being a volunteer is supposed to be fun, right? How do your volunteers have fun?

  • Board member happy hours
  • Free drinks for volunteers at social events
  • Choose a theme song representing each board member’s goals for the year
  • Volunteer Coordinator “check-ins”
  • Please get to know your volunteers, both professionally and personally; understand why they are giving their time to AMA
  • Regular volunteer communications & updates
  • Birthday cards, thank you notes, volunteer spotlights, social media shoutouts
  • Past presidents “lifetime discount” to monthly luncheons