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Mentorship in a Minute: Resources

Explore this curated collection of documents and resources from AMA and AMA chapters that are running an existing mentoring program. Use this digital appendix as a source of inspiration or a starting point. New resources will continue to be added.

Thank you to AMA Triangle and AMA Atlanta for their contributions to this digital appendix! 

Mentoring at the AMA
Being a Mentor
Being a Learner

Sample Volunteer Job Descriptions
Event Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Program Coordinator
Program Director

Sample Participant Resources
Mentorship Guidebook

Sample Participant Applications

AMA Chapter Mentoring Programs
AMA Atlanta
AMA Baltimore
AMA Birmingham
AMA Boston 
AMA British Columbia
AMA Cincinnati
AMA Connecticut
AMA Dallas/Ft. Worth
AMA Houston
AMA Indy
AMA Minnesota
AMA Nashville
AMA New York
AMA Richmond
AMA Toronto
AMA Triangle
AMA Washington DC