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Group Discount Program for AMA Membership

A group consists of three or more memberships paid for by a single user and are available to members for one-year terms. Individuals who become members using a group discount code get to enjoy all the benefits of a standard-priced, one-year membership.

Individuals do not need to be part of the same company, chapter, or academic, special interest group (SIG) to take advantage of the group discount for AMA membership.

Student memberships and multi-year memberships are not eligible for group discounts.  Learn more about Student Group Membership purchases.

Pricing for group discounts:

  • Groups of 3 to 30 individuals: $139 per individual for one-year.
  • Groups of 30+: Contact AMA Customer Service to discuss special pricing options.

Taking advantage of the group discount:

  • Groups wishing to use the group discount should designate one person to purchase. That individual will receive the receipt and an email with a unique discount code that the group members can use.
  • Once received, the purchaser should distribute the code to all group members. The group code will be valid for 30 days after purchase and cannot be used more times than the number of memberships purchased.
  • Each group member must register for a one-year membership online and enter their group code in the “promotional code” box to pay for the membership.

You can register here to get a group discount.

Important things to note:

  • The term of membership for each individual in the group will begin on the day they register using the group code. Each member’s term will expire one year later.
  • Each member will own memberships purchased as part of the group discount program. Each Member retains his or her non-transferable membership until expiration.
  • Each year, the group contact will need to purchase a new group code and distribute it to all of the group individuals.  At this time, the group contact can change which individuals they would like to be part of their group. If a group contact chooses not to distribute a new group code to a specific expiring ember in the group or choose not to renew for anyone, those members could choose to renew their memberships on their own at the regular rate without the use of a group discount code.
  • No refunds will be issued for unused Group Discount memberships.