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Chapter Membership Discount Request

Before we can approve a discounted membership program for your chapter, here is a little background and additional information we’ll need from your end.

  • The AMA Support Center has moved away from membership drives/membership promotions in the past because the data showed that they weren’t very effective. Less than 50% of new members who joined during the promotion time actually used a discount code. The engagement KPIs on the campaigns were well below many standard benchmarks. Additionally, people that came in during campaigns were less likely to renew. New members that come in purely on price don’t really make for the best members, and we spent a lot of money to prove membership drives aren’t really effective.
  • Since that time, the AMA Support Center has been setting our sights on engagement, and I’d say we’re in our infancy but working to ramp up quickly. This was much of the reason behind the change to Salesforce and WordPress.
  • A couple of chapters currently use a discount code for membership, but it is tied to bigger initiatives like mentorship programs. This is what we’d want to see from anyone who requests a discount code for membership. For example, if a chapter is hosting its largest event of the year and wants to offer a discount code to nonmembers to join or target that specific attendee list in the week after, that may make sense. We’d want to understand the engagement plan and how it will be used to make it is aimed at recruiting engaged people who are engaged and will enrich our community.  We want members who want to be here.

Essentially, we’ll need a membership initiative or plan for us to consider a membership discount on the chapter level.