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Call for Nominations: Professional Chapters Council

2024 PCC Nominations Process

AMA is dedicated to serving three principal communities: Academic, Collegiate, and Professional. Each of these communities benefits from the guidance of a National Advisory Council, which is composed of volunteers who bring specialized knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of their respective communities. As practitioners, you are represented by the Professional Chapters Council (PCC), which partners with Support Center to help all 69 chapters develop strong board leaders, meet their chapter goals, and thrive through change. 

The PCC consists of 12 past chapter presidents who have demonstrated excellence in their leadership roles. PCC members were hand-selected by the President-Elect of the Council from past winners of the Chapter Excellence Award, and while this recognition continues to be representative of the characteristics that have driven the impact of the Council over in past years, we recognize that it is and should not be the only measure of excellence.

This year we start anew and invite Past Presidents to nominate themselves to serve a three-year term on the Professional Chapters Council. This is your opportunity to pay it forward and share your unique experience with emerging chapter leaders. It’s an exciting time to join the PCC as we embark on a reimagining of our goals and chart of work. 


Submit your nomination by March 1



What does the Professional Chapters Council (PCC) do?

  • Strategy & Innovation: The PCC listens and learns from its community so it can be an effective advocate and voice in helping AMA plan for the future, nationally and locally, while providing the tools and counsel to help chapters develop, plan and follow their strategic goals.
  • Mentorship and Advising: The PCC provides one-on-one mentorship and guidance, collects and shares best practices from chapters, and facilitates open communication channels between Support Center and chapters.
  • Education and Training: The PCC leads, creates, and executes leadership and board management development programs and tools, such as AMA Leadership Summit, Mid-Year Regional Retreats, Board-in-the-Box, DEI Toolkit, and more.
  • Community Building: The PCC facilitates cross-chapter and cross-community communications to ignite collaboration and emerging, real-time opportunities and best practices. We celebrate chapter and volunteer success through the Chapter Excellence Awards (CEA), Volunteer of the Year Awards and the PCC UnPodcast.

What are the benefits of joining the PCC?

Serving on the PCC has a wealth of benefits. Similar to the Executive Track for chapter leaders, we can encapsulate these benefits into three key categories: Give, Grow, and Excel. In your leadership role, you make a difference. 

  • Give. As a PCC member, you give the gift of your unique experiences as a chapter leader and marketer, creating an environment that fosters growth and the elevation of current and future leaders. This, in turn, supports the success and advancement of the entire AMA professional community.
  • Grow. By tapping into the national platform, you will be uniquely positioned to accelerate your personal and professional skills, expand your network, and gain insights from the collective expertise of your fellow council members. This opportunity allows you to not only broaden your skill set and connections but also immerse yourself in a rich pool of shared knowledge and experiences, fostering your growth throughout your tenure.
  • Excel. Lead national committees and engage in meaningful and impactful projects that resonate beyond your local community and allow you to make a mark on a national scale. As a PCC member, you have the unique opportunity to use your voice and talent to influence strategy, build community, and spark meaningful change for marketers everywhere.


What is the time commitment?

Each PCC member agrees to serve for three years unless they accept a leadership track: President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. This adds 2-3 additional years, depending on when they accept President-Elect’s role. Terms are from July 1-June 30.

The actual time commitment is determined collectively by the group each year but typically consists of:

  • Monthly virtual PCC team calls 
  • Two Virtual One-Day Retreats (typically on a Saturday)
  • In-person PCC meeting in late July (Fri-Sunday, Chicago)
  • In-person travel to a Regional Retreat in November (Fri-Sun, location TBD)
  • In-person PCC meeting from the Wednesday before Leadership Summit starts (Wed-Sunday, Chicago)

Travel and registration fees are covered by AMA based on their travel policy.


What are the criteria for being on the PCC?

The role of a PCC member is truly one of serving chapter leaders. The PCC has a tradition of relying on social contracts—trust, friendships, and connections—to hold each other accountable for the work we do. As such, the PCC chooses leaders that reflect this ethic.

  • Demonstrated excellence as a chapter leader, either from a Chapter Excellence Award, Volunteer of the Year Award, or from their exceptional contributions on or beyond their local board. Recent or continued volunteer involvement is preferred.
  • Demonstrated willingness to stay versed with emerging best practices, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion standards.
  • Willingness and availability to travel for 3 in-person meetings/events each year (Summer meeting, Regional Retreats, Leadership Summit) and actively participate in virtual meetings.
  • Willingness and ability to present in front of and facilitate groups.
  • Willingness to strategically push the boundaries of ideas for our marketers in the modern marketing landscape.
  • Demonstrates the following values: Service-Oriented Leadership, Diversity of Thought, Active Listening, Collaboration, Accountability, Continuous Improvement and Critical Thinking


Why are you changing the process?

Talent is everywhere! Over the past three years, the PCC has expanded our engagement of national volunteers, enabling greater cross-chapter collaboration and refinement of our strategies to develop great leaders. Great talent is now more easily identifiable and need not be restricted to a singular focus. Coupled with our increased focus and dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, we want to proactively change the systems that may prevent awesome candidates from raising their hands and align them with best practices being followed by the other national councils.

This year, we have three open seats but are piloting this new process for one council seat in anticipation of instituting formal nominations for all open roles on the PCC in FY’26.

Do I still need to nominate myself if I have already won a CEA Award?

If you have won a CEA award, you will automatically be considered for a seat, but we ask that you submit a nomination to confirm your interest. However, any Past President from any year may submit a nomination.

Who is on the selection committee?

The selection committee consists of five persons

  1. President-Elect (Chair)
  2. President
  3. Immediate Past President
  4. President-Elect in Waiting or DEI Chair (PEW is not identified)
  5. AMA Support Center, Director of Professional Communities